This course is aligned with the Common Core Standards for 5th grade mathematics and focuses on three critical areas.

First, the students will become skilled at the addition and subtraction of fractions. They will continue to develop understanding of the multiplication of fractions and learn to do some simple division of fractions. The students use the meaning of fractions, of multiplication and division to understand why the processes for multiplying and dividing fractions make sense.

Second, the students will expand their knowledge of division to include 2-digit divisors and decimal operations. The students will have mastered multi-digit addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. The students will learn how to add and subtract numbers with decimals to the hundredths. They also develop and understanding of the relationship between fractions and decimals.

Third, the students will develop an understanding of volume as a property of three-dimensional space. They will learn how to approach and solve problems regarding the estimation and measurement of volume.

1- Introduction
1- Introduction
2- Pretest
Assignment: Pretest

2- Number Sense
1- Place Value Through Billions
Handout: Place Value through Billions
Assignment: Place Value Through Billions
2- Place Value & Exponents
Handout: Place Value & Exponents Worksheet
Assignment: Place Value & Exponents
3- Compare Whole Numbers
Handout: Compare Whole Numbers Worksheet
Assignment: Compare Whole Numbers
4- Represent Decimals
Handout: Represent Decimals Worksheet
Assignment: Represent Decimals
5- Place Value through Thousandths
Handout: Place Value through Thousandths Worksheet
Assignment: Place Value Through Thousandths
6- Compare Decimals
Handout: Compare Decimals Worksheet
Assignment: Compare Decimals
7- Order Whole Numbers and Decimals
Handout: Order Whole Numbers & Decimals
Assignment: Order Whole Numbers and Decimals
Handout: Chapter 1 Cumulative Test
Assignment: Chapter 1 Cumulative Test

3- Addition
1- Round Whole Numbers and Decimals
Handout: Round Whole Numbers & Decimals Worksheet
Assignment: Round Whole Numbers and Decimals
2- Estimate Sums and Differences
Handout: Estimate Sums & Differences Worksheet
Assignment: Estimate Sums and Difference
3- Add and Subtract Whole Numbers
Handout: Add & Subtract Whole Numbers Worksheet
Assignment: Add and Subtract Whole Numbers
4- Add and Subtract Decimals
Handout: Add & Subtract Decimals
Assignment: Add and Subtract Decimals
5- Addition Properties
Handout: Addition Properties Worksheet
Assignment: Addition Properties
6- Add and Subtract Mentally
Handout: Add & Subtract Mentally Worksheet
Assignment: Add and Subtract Mentally
Handout: Chapter 2 Cumulative Test
Assignment: Chapter 2 Cumulative Test

4- Multiplication
1- Multiplication Patterns
Handout: Multiplication Patterns Worksheet
Assignment: Multiplication Patterns
2- The Distributive Property
Handout: Distributive Property Assignment
Assignment: The Distributive Property
3- Estimate Products
Handout: Estimate Products Worksheet
Assignment: Estimate Products
4- Multiply by One-Digit Numbers
Handout: Multiply by One-Digit Numbers Worksheet
Assignment: Multiply by One-Digit Numbers
5- Multiply by Two-Digit Numbers
Handout: Multiply by Two-Digit Numbers Worksheet
Assignment: Multiply by Two-Digit Numbers
6- Multiplication Properties
Handout: Multiplication Properties
Assignment: Multiplication Properties
7- Extending Multiplication
Handout: Extending Multiplication Worksheet
Assignment: Extending Multiplication
Handout: Chapter 3 Cumulative Test
Assignment: Chapter 3 Cumulative Test

5- Division
1- Division Patterns
Handout: Division Patterns Worksheet
Assignment: Division Patterns
2- Estimate Quotients
Handout: Estimate Quotients Worksheet
Assignment: Estimate Quotients
3- Divide by One Digit Numbers
Handout: Divide by One-Digit Numbers Worksheet
Assignment: Divide by One-Digit Numbers
4- Divide by Two Digit Numbers
Handout: Divide by Two-Digit Numbers Worksheet
Assignment: Divide by Two-Digit Numbers
5- Interpret the Remainder
Handout: Interpret the Remainder Workheet
Assignment: Interpret the Remainder
6- Extending Division
Handout: Extending Division Worksheet
Assignment: Extending Division
Handout: Chapter 4 Cumulative Test
Assignment: Chapter 4 Cumulative Test

6- Expressions
1- Addition Expressions
Handout: Addition Expressions Worksheet
Assignment: Addition Expressions
2- Multiplication Expressions
Handout: Multiplication Expressions Worksheet
Assignment: Multiplication Expressions
3- More Algebraic Expressions
Handout: More Algebraic Expressions Worksheet
Assignment: More Algebraic Expressions
4- Function Tables
Handout: Function Tables Worksheet
Assignment: Function Tables
5- Order of Operations
Handout: Order of Operations Worksheet
Assignment: Order of Operations
Handout: Chapter 5 Cumulative Test
Assignment: Chapter 5 Cumulative Test

7- Equations
1- Addition and Subtraction Equations
Handout: Addition & Subtraction Equations Worksheet
Assignment: Addition and Subtraction Equations
2- Multiplication Equations
Handout: Multiplication Equations Worksheet
Assignment: Multiplication Equations
3- Geometry: Ordered Pairs
Handout: Ordered Pairs Worksheet
Assignment: Geometry: Ordered Pairs
4- Algebra & Geometry: Graph Functions
Handout: Graph Functions Worksheet
Assignment: Algebra and Geometry: Graph Functions
5- Functions and Equations
Handout: Functions & Equations Worksheet
Assignment: Functions and Equations
6- Midtest
Assignment: Midtest
Handout: Chapter 6 Cumulative Test
Assignment: Chapter 6 Cumulative Test

8- Graphs & Charts
1- Mean, Median, and Mode
Handout: Mean, Median & Mode
Assignment: Mean, Median, and Mode
2- Line Plots
Handout: Line Plots Worksheet
Assignment: Line Plots
3- Frequency Tables
Handout: Frequency Tables Worksheet
Assignment: Frequency Tables
4- Scales and Intervals
Handout: Scales & Intervals Worksheet
Assignment: Scales and Intervals
5- Bar Graphs
Handout: Bar Graphs Worksheet
Assignment: Bar Graphs
6- Line Graphs
Handout: Line Graphs Worksheet
Assignment: Line Graphs
Handout: Chapter 7 Cumulative Test
Assignment: Chapter 7 Cumulative Test

9- Fractions
1- Prime & Composite Numbers
Quiz: Prime & Composite Numbers
2- Greatest Common Factor
Handout: Greatest Common Factor Worksheet
Assignment: Greatest Common Factor
3- Least Common Multiple
Handout: Least Common Multiple Worksheet
Assignment: Least Common Multiple
4- Fractions & Division
Handout: Fractions Worksheet
Assignment: Fractions
5- Improper Fractions
Handout: Improper Fractions Worksheet
Assignment: Improper Fractions
6- Mixed Numbers
Handout: Mixed Numbers Worksheet
Assignment: Mixed Numbers
7- Equivalent Fractions
Handout: Equivalent Fractions
Assignment: Equivalent Fractions
Handout: Chapter 8 Cumulative Test
Assignment: Chapter 8 Cumulative Test

10- Operations with Fractions
1- Add & Subtract Fractions With Like Denominators
Handout: Add & Subtract Like Fractions Worksheet
Assignment: Add & Subtract Like Fractions
2- Add & Subtract Fractions With Unlike Denominators
Handout: Add & Subtract Unlike Fractions Worksheet
Assignment: Add & Subtract Unlike Fractions
3- Add & Subtract Mixed Numbers With Unlike Denominators
Handout: Add & Subtract Mixed Numbers Worksheet
Assignment: Add & Subtract Mixed Numbers
4- Problem-Solving: Draw a Picture
Handout: Draw a Picture Worksheet
Assignment: Draw a Picture
5- Multiplying Fractions
Handout: Multiplying Fractions Worksheet
Assignment: Multiplying Fractions
6- Multiplying Mixed Numbers
Handout: Multiply Mixed Numbers with Fractions Worksheet
Assignment: Multiplying Mixed Numbers with Fractions
7- Dividing Fractions
Handout: Dividing Fractions Worksheet
Worksheet: Finding Reciprocals
Assignment: Dividing Fractions
8- Dividing Mixed Numbers
Handout: Dividing Mixed Numbers Worksheet
Assignment: Dividing Mixed Numbers
Handout: Chapter 9 Cumulative Test
Assignment: Chapter 9 Cumulative Test

11- Geometry
1- Points, Lines & Rays
Worksheet: Point, Lines & Planes
2- Angles
Assignment: Drawing Angles
3- Triangles
Handout: Triangles Worksheet
Assignment: Triangles
4- Quadrilaterals & Polygons
Handout: Quadrilaterals & Polygons Worksheet
Assignment: Quadrilaterals & Polygons
5- Circles
Handout: Circles Worksheet
Assignment: Circles
6- Perimeter
Handout: Perimeter Worksheet
Assignment: Perimeter
7- Area of Parallelograms
Handout: Area of Parallelograms Worksheet
Assignment: Area of Parallelograms
8- Area of Triangles
Assignment: Area of Triangles
9- Circumference
Handout: Circumference Worksheet
Assignment: Circumference
Handout: Chapter 10 Cumulative Test
Assignment: Chapter 10 Cumulative Test

12- Solids
1- Solids
Handout: Solids Worksheet
Assignment: Solids
2- Nets
Handout: Square Pyramid Net
Handout: Triangular Prism Net
Handout: Cube Net
Worksheet: Nets
3- Surface Area
Handout: Surface Area Worksheet
Assignment: Surface Area
4- Volume
Handout: Volume
Handout: Counting Volume Worksheet
Assignment: Counting Volume
Assignment: Volume
5- Post-test
Assignment: Post-test
Handout: Chapter 11 Cumulative Test
Assignment: Chapter 11 Cumulative Test

13- Course Survey
1- Course Survey
Handout: Course Survey
Assignment: Course Survey