This class follows the Common Core State Standards for 5th grade English.

Students in this class are required to read at least 30 minutes every day and to turn in a reading log to show their time spent reading. They are also required to write 10 different book reports in an effort to encourage reading and writing about stories. In each of the 18 chapters students will receive two vocabulary lessons, learn about grammar, practice reading different types of literature, and learn skills to be a good writer. Students will learn how to make inferences, read context clues, and read to learn information. To improve their writing skills students will learn how to express opinions, write letters, use literary devices, and use word relationships in poetry. Students will practice comparing and contrasting similar texts.

The goal of this class it to make each student a better reader and a better writer.


1- Course Introduction
1- Introduction
2- Resources
Handout: Reading Log (Word)
Handout: Reading Log (PDF)
Handout: Reading Log (Excel)
Handout: Book Report (Biography)
Handout: Book Report (Nonfiction)
Handout: Book Report (Fiction)
Handout: Pre-writing Tool: Word Web
Handout: Pre-writing Tool: Graphic Organizer
Handout: Pre-writing Tool: Storyboard
Handout: Story Map (Turtle)
Handout: What Good Readers Do Overview
Handout: The Writing Process
3- Course Description
4- Understanding Plagiarism
5- Pretest
Assignment: Pretest
6- Course Links
7- Vocabulary Introduction
8- Grammar Introduction
9- Reading Introduction
10- Writing Introduction
11- Speaking and Listening Introduction
12- MLA Formatting MSWord 2007
13- MLA Documentation updates
14- MLA Citation
15- MLA Incorporating Sources

2- Grammar Basics, Good Reading Skills and Idea Book
1- Vocabulary: Lesson 1
Handout: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 1
Assignment: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 1
2- Vocabulary: Lesson 2
Handout: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 2
Assignment: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 2
3- Grammar: Types of Sentences and Punctuation
Handout: Sentence Review
Assignment: Sentence Review
4- Reading: What Good Readers Do
5- Reading: Informational Text
Handout: Atmosphere Reading and Questions
Assignment: Atmosphere Questions
6- Reading: Kangaroo Almanac
Quiz: Kangaroo Almanac Quiz
7- Writing: Book Review and Book Report
Assignment: Book Report #1
8- Writing: The Process
9- Writing: Idea Chart
Handout: Idea Chart
Assignment: Idea Chart
10- Writing: Brainstorming
11- Speaking and Listening: Rules for Discussion
Assignment: Discussion Rules
Assignment: Reading Log #1

3- Nouns, Predictions, Good Writing Skills
1- Vocabulary: Lesson 3
Handout: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 3
Assignment: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 3
2- Vocabulary: Lesson 4
Handout: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 4
Assignment: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 4
3- Grammar: Plural Nouns
4- Grammar: Proper Nouns
5- Grammar: Possessive Nouns
Handout: Plural Nouns, Proper Nouns, & Subject and Object Pronouns Assignment
Assignment: Plural Nouns and Proper Nouns
6- Reading: An Unlikely Friendship
Worksheet: An Unlikely Friendship Worksheet
7- Reading: One Giant Leap for Mankind
Essay: Space Travel Essay
Worksheet: One Giant Leap for Mankind Worksheet
8- Writing: Good Writing Skills
9- Writing: Revise and Edit
Handout: 6+1 Traits
Assignment: Reading Log #2
Assignment: Writing #1: Final Draft

4- Pronouns, Protagonist and Antagonist, Writing Process
1- Vocabulary: Lesson 5
Handout: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 5
Assignment: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 5
2- Vocabulary: Lesson 6
Handout: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 6
Assignment: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 6
3- Spelling: Syllables
Handout: Fishing…and
Essay: Writing Prompt #1
4- Grammar: Subject & Object Pronouns
5- Grammar: Possessive Pronouns
6- Grammar: Pronoun Referents; Indefinite Pronouns
Handout: Possessive Pronouns and Pronoun Referents
Assignment: Possessive Pronouns and Pronoun Referents
7- Reading Mini Lesson: Reading Skills -Activate Prior Knowledge
8- Reading: A True American Hero
Essay: American Hero Essay
9- Reading: Protagonist and Antagonist
Handout: The King of the Polar Bears
Essay: Protagonist and Antagonist
Assignment: Reading Log #3
Assignment: Book Report #2

5- Verbs, Visualize, Writing Process
1- Vocabulary: Lesson 7
Handout: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 7
Assignment: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 7
2- Vocabulary: Lesson 8
Handout: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 8
Assignment: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 8
3- Grammar: Subject-Verb Agreement
Handout: Subject-Verb Agreement
Assignment: Subject-Verb Agreement
4- Grammar: Irregular Verbs
5- Grammar: Linking Verbs
6- Grammar: Auxiliary Verbs – Be, Have, Do
7- Grammar: More Auxiliary Verbs
Handout: Linking and Auxiliary Verbs
Assignment: Linking &Auxililary Verbs
8- Reading: Fact or Opinion?
Quiz: Fact or Opinion?
9- Reading: Visualize and Retell
Essay: Prompt: If Things Could Talk…
10- Reading: The Fossil Lady
Worksheet: The Fossil Lady Worksheet
Essay: Dinosaur Essay
11- Writing: Narrative
12- Writing: Narrative Part 2
Assignment: Final Draft Narrative
Assignment: Reading Log #4

6- Subject and Predicates, Characters, Opinions
1- Vocabulary: Lesson 9
Handout: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 9
Assignment: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 9
2- Vocabulary: Lesson 10
Handout: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 10
Assignment: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 10
3- Reading Mini Lesson: What Good Readers Do – Reread
4- Grammar: Complete and Simple Subjects
5- Grammar: Complete and Simple Predicates
Handout: Complete and Simple Predicates
Assignment: Complete and Simple Subjects and Predicates Assignment
6- Reading: Character Development
Handout: The Box Robbers
Handout: Major and Minor Characters
7- Reading: The Midas Touch
Quiz: The Midas Touch Quiz
8- Reading/Writing: Warm Up – Thunderbirds
Handout: Thunderbird Legend
Assignment: Assignment: Thunderbird Legend
Essay: Writing Prompt: What is your legend?
9- Writing: Opinions and Paragraphs
10- Writing: Opinions Part 2
Assignment: Reading Log #5
Assignment: Final Draft Essay
Assignment: Book Report #3

7- Noun Phrases, Prepositions, Reading to Learn, Research
1- Vocabulary: Lesson 11
Handout: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 11
Assignment: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 11
2- Vocabulary: Lesson 12
Handout: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 12
Assignment: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 12
3- Grammar: Subject & Objects; Noun Phrases
4- Grammar: Complete Sentences
5- Grammar: Prepositions
Handout: Subjects & Objects, Noun Phrase, Prepositions, & Complete Sentences
Assignment: Subjects & Objects, Noun Phrase, Prepositions, & Complete Sentences
6- Reading: From King to President
Quiz: From King to President
7- Reading: The Life of a Colonial Child
Assignment: Reading Log #6
Essay: My Colonial Story Essay

8- Adjectives, Inferences, Context Clues
1- Vocabulary: Lesson 13
Handout: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 13
Assignment: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 13
2- Vocabulary: Lesson 14
Handout: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 14
Assignment: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 14
3- Vocabulary Mini Lesson: Word Detectives
4- Reading: What Good Readers Do – Infer
5- Grammar: Adjectives
6- Grammar: Comparisons with er and est Endings
7- Grammar: Comparisons with More and Most
Handout: Adjectives & Comparisons
Assignment: Adjectives & Comparisons
8- Grammar: Specific Adjectives
9- Grammar: Sensory Adjectives
Handout: Specific & Sensory Adjectives
Assignment: Specific & Sensory Adjectives
10- Reading: Native Americans
Handout: Native Americans
Worksheet: Native Americans
11- Reading: Search for Undersea Treasure
Worksheet: The Search for Undersea Treasure
12- Writing: Using Adjectives and Articles
Handout: Adjectives Practice
Assignment: Reading Log #7
Assignment: Adjectives Practice
Assignment: Book Report #4

9- Adverbs, Asking Questions, Legends
1- Vocabulary: Lesson 15
Handout: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 15
Assignment: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 15
2- Vocabulary: Lesson 16
Handout: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 16
Assignment: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 16
3- Grammar: Adverbs
4- Grammar: Intensifying Adverbs
Handout: Adverbs & Intensifiers
Assignment: Adverbs & Intensifiers
5- Grammar: Comparative & Superlative
6- Grammar: Time Clue Words
Handout: Comparative & Superlative Adverbs and Time Clue Words
Assignment: Comparative & Superlative Adverbs and Time Clue Words
7- Grammar: Position Words
8- Reading: Ederle Amazing!
Worksheet: Ederle Amazing! Worksheet
9- Reading: What Good Readers Do: Ask Questions
10- Writing: A Legend
Handout: Legend Chart
11- Writing: A Legend Continued
Assignment: Reading Log #8
Assignment: A Legend
12- Midtest
Assignment: Midtest

10- Commas, Dialogue, Text Connections, Writer’s Workshop
1- Vocabulary: Lesson 17
Handout: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 17
Assignment: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 17
2- Vocabulary: Lesson 18
Handout: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 18
Assignment: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 18
3- Grammar: Commas in a Series; Appositives
4- Grammar: Introductory Words, Direct Address, Transitions
5- Grammar and Writing: Dialogue
Handout: Commas, Introductory Words, and Dialogue
Assignment: Commas, Introductory Words, and Dialogue
6- Writing: Writer’s Workshop Part 1
7- Writing: Writer’s Workshop Part 2
Assignment: Writer’ Workshop Final Draft
8- Reading: What Good Readers Do – Synthesize and Connect
9- Reading: Looking for Something Green
Assignment: Reading Log #9
Worksheet: Looking for Something Green
Assignment: Book Report #5

11- Subordinators, Clauses, Predictions, Letter Writing
1- Vocabulary: Lesson 19
Handout: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 19
Assignment: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 19
2- Vocabulary: Lesson 20
Handout: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 20
Assignment: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 20
3- Grammar: Subordinators
4- Grammar: Who, Which, and That Clauses
5- Grammar: Parallel Style
Handout: Subordinators, Who, Which, and That Clauses, and Parallel Style
Assignment: Subordinators, Who, Which, and That Clauses, and Parallel Style
6- Writing: Business Letters
Essay: Business Letter
7- Writing: Friendly Letters
Essay: Friendly Letter Essay
8- Reading: What Good Readers Do – Predictions
Assignment: Reading Log #10

12- Prepositions, Contractions, Interjections, Important Idea
1- Vocabulary: Lesson 21
Handout: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 21
Assignment: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 21
2- Vocabulary: Lesson 22
Handout: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 22
Assignment: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 22
3- Grammar: Prepositions
Worksheet: Prepositions
4- Grammar: Contractions
Essay: Contractions
5- Grammar: Interjections!
6- What Good Readers Do: Determining Importance
Handout: Nonfiction Reading
Assignment: Determining Importance
7- Writing: Report on a Topic Introduction
8- Writing: Report on a Topic – Finding Information
Handout: Fact Organizer
9- Writing: Report on a Topic – Publish and Present
Assignment: Reading Log #11
Assignment: Report on a Topic
Assignment: Book Report #6

13- Roots, Affixes, Summarization
1- Vocabulary: Lesson 23
Handout: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 23
Assignment: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 23
2- Vocabulary: Lesson 24
Handout: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 24
Assignment: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 24
3- Grammar: Root Words and Affixes
Handout: Root Words
Handout: Prefix Practice
Handout: Suffix Practice
Assignment: Root Words
Assignment: Prefix Practice
Assignment: Suffix Practice
4- Reading/Writing: Summarize and Synthesize
Worksheet: Summarizing
5- Reading: Great Kid Inventors
Essay: Great Inventors Essay
6- Reading: Otzi the Iceman
Quiz: Otzi the Iceman Quiz
7- Reading: The Uninvited Guest
Quiz: Uninvited Guests Quiz
8- Reading: Joy Adamson: Living with Lions
Assignment: Reading Log #12
Quiz: Living with Lions Quiz

14- Researching, Focusing, Outlining, Reporting
1- Vocabulary: Lesson 25
Handout: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 25
Assignment: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 25
2- Vocabulary: Lesson 26
Handout: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 26
Assignment: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 26
3- Writing: Topics for Reports
4- Writing: “Focusing Questions”
Assignment: Topics for Reports & Focusing Questions Assignment
5- Writing Outlines
Assignment: Writing Outlines Assignment
6- Writing: Drafting a Report
Essay: Writing Reports: Draft
7- Writing: Final Draft
Essay: Research Paper Final Draft
8- Reading: Digging Up History
Assignment: Reading Log #13
Worksheet: Digging Up History Worksheet
Assignment: Book Report #7

15- Poetry and Word Relationships
1- Vocabulary: Lesson 27
Handout: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 27
Assignment: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 27
2- Vocabulary: Lesson 28
Handout: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 28
Assignment: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 28
3- Grammar: Synonyms, Antonyms, Homonyms
Worksheet: Synonyms for Overused Words
4- Reading: An Everyday Poet
Essay: An Everyday Poet Essay
5- Writing: Introduction to Poetry
6- Writing: You Become the Poet
Assignment: Form Poem
7- Writing: Acrostic Poems
Assignment: Write Your Own Acrostic Poem
8- Writing: Cinquain Poem
Assignment: Cinquain Poem
9- Writing: Creative Poems
Assignment: Reading Log #14
Assignment: Creative Poetry

16- Titles, Themes, Literary Devices
1- Vocabulary: Lesson 29
Handout: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 29
Assignment: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 29
2- Vocabulary: Lesson 30
Handout: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 30
Assignment: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 30
3- Grammar: Writing Titles
4- Reading: What is Theme?
5- Reading: It Could Happen
Worksheet: It Could Happen
6- Writing: Character Development
7- Reading: Character and Theme
8- Reading: Literary Devices
Assignment: Reading Log #15
Assignment: Book Report #8

17- Compare and Contrasting Texts
1- Vocabulary: Lesson 31
Handout: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 31
Assignment: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 31
2- Vocabulary: Lesson 32
Handout: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 32
Assignment: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 32
3- Compare and Contrasting
Handout: Imagined or Real?
Handout: Loch Ness Monster
Worksheet: Compare and Contrast
4- Reading: Compare and Contrast Characters – Tom Thumb
Handout: Comparing Characters
5- Reading: Compare and Contrast Characters – Thumbelina
Assignment: Compare and Contrast Characters
6- Reading: Compare and Contrast Themes
Worksheet: Compare and Contrast Themes
7- Reading: Compare and Contrast Structure
Handout: Compare and Contrast Structure
Assignment: Compare and Contrast Structure
8- Writing: Planning and Drafting
Handout: Short Story Rubric
Assignment: First Draft of Short Story
9- Writing: Editing and Final Draft
Assignment: Reading Log #16
Assignment: Final Draft of Short Story

18- Reading and Writing Fiction
1- Vocabulary: Lesson 33
Handout: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 33
Assignment: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 33
2- Vocabulary: Lesson 34
Handout: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 34
Assignment: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 34
3- Reading: Chapters, Stanzas, Acts and Scenes
4- Reading: Conflict in Literature
Quiz: Conflict in Literature
5- Reading: Conflict and Resolution
6- Reading: Understanding Plot
7- Reading/Writing: Point of View
Essay: Point of View
8- Writing: Transitions
9- Writing: Narratives
Assignment: Narrative Pre-Write
Assignment: Narrative First Draft
10- Writing: Narratives Part 2
Assignment: Narrative Draft 2
11- Writing: Narratives Part 3
Assignment: Reading Log #17
Assignment: Narrative Final Draft
Assignment: Book Report #9

19- Reading and Writing Nonfiction
1- Vocabulary: Lesson 35
Handout: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 35
Assignment: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 35
2- Vocabulary: Lesson 36
Handout: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 36
Assignment: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 36
3- Reading: Choose a Nonfiction Novel
4- Reading: Examples of Nonfiction
5- Reading: Fact and Opinion
Essay: Fact vs. Opinion
6- Reading: Nonfiction Organization
Essay: Reading Response
7- Reading: Nonfiction Purposes
8- Reading: Analyzing an Argument
9- Writing: Nonfiction Text Organization
10- Writing: Expository Non-Fiction
Assignment: Reading Log #18
Assignment: Expository Writing Final
11- Post-test
Assignment: Post-test
Assignment: Book Report #10

20- Course Survey
1- Course Survey
Handout: Course Survey
Assignment: Course Survey