This course adheres to the Common Core Standards for 8th grade English. The course has goals for the areas of reading, writing, speaking and listening, and language in an effort to make students able to read and write confidently in all subject areas.

In the area of reading students will be able to determine the main idea of a text and analyze the text using specific lines from the text and/or dialogue add to the story and support their analysis. The students will continue to practice using context clues to determine the meanings of words, but will also learn to use these clues to deduce figurative or connotative meanings. They will also learn to compare two different types of texts and discuss how those differences impact the meaning of the texts. Point of view will be understood as a way to change the connotations of a text.

After completing this course students should be able to read and understand various types of literature appropriate for their grade level. In the area of writing the students will become adept at writing argumentative, informative, narrative, and research essays. They will learn to use clear and easy to understand writing with style and function appropriate to their topic. The students will learn how to revise and improve their writing using guidance from peers. The students will learn to research topics using valid and varied sources to gather important information. The proper use of citations and paraphrasing will be emphasized. The students will learn to use texts they have read in order to support their opinions and arguments in a logical way. To improve their speaking and listening skills students will learn to effectively engage in collaborative discussions and analyze information presented in various media and formats. They will learn to evaluate the soundness of reasoning in a speaker’s argument and claims.

Students will also learn to present their own claims and arguments in logical and coherent ways. They will be able to show a command of formal English language in order to support their claims. Throughout their writing and speaking students will demonstrate their command of English grammar and writing conventions.


1- Introduction
1- Welcome
2- Plagiarism
3- Plagiarism Discussion
4- Pretest
Assignment: Pretest
5- MLA Formatting
6- MLA Citation
7- MLA Incorporating Sources
8- MLA Citation Updates
9- Course Novels

2- Verbs, Essay Writing, Little Women
1- Vocabulary
Quiz: Chapter 1 Vocabulary
2- Action & Linking Verbs
3- Helping Verbs
4- Verb Tense
5- Verb Tense Continued
6- Irregular Verbs
Handout: Verbs
Assignment: Verbs
7- Verbals
8- Five Paragraph Essay
Essay: 5 Paragraph Paper
9- Little Women
Handout: Little Women Reading Plan
Handout: Little Women Reading Comprehension Questions
Worksheet: Little Women Reading Comprehension
10- Little Women Character Analysis
Handout: Little Women Character Analysis Outline
Assignment: Little Women Character Analysis Outline
11- Little Women Character Analysis Drafting
Handout: Little Women Character Analysis Rough Draft
Assignment: Little Women Character Analysis Rough Draft
Essay: Little Women Character Analysis Final Draft

3- Context Clues, Nouns, Non-Fiction, Writing Process
1- Vocabulary
Handout: Chapter 2 Vocabulary
Assignment: Chapter 2 Vocabulary
2- Context Clues
3- Common & Proper Nouns
4- Pronouns
Handout: Nouns & Pronouns
Assignment: Nouns & Pronouns
5- Reading Non-fiction
6- The Effects of Removal on American Indian Trbes
Handout: Article: Effects of Removal on American Indian Tribes
Handout: Effects of Removal on American Indians
Assignment: American Indians: Section 1
Assignment: American Indians: Section 2
Assignment: American Indians: Section 3
Assignment: American Indians: Section 4
Assignment: American Indians: Section 5
7- The Writing Process: Prewriting
Assignment: Pre-Writing Practice

4- Adjectives, Compare and Contrast, Science and Technology
1- Vocabulary
Handout: Chapter 3 Vocabulary
Assignment: Chapter 3 Vocabulary
2- Adjectives
3- Comparing Nouns with Adjectives
Worksheet: Adjectives
4- How to Compare and Contrast
Handout: Compare & Contrast Outline
Assignment: Compare & Contrast Outline
Essay: Compare and Contrast
5- Analyzing Science & Technology
Handout: Recipe for a Hurricane Article
Handout: Recipe for a Hurricane
Handout: Invention of the Telescope
Assignment: Mercury’s Magnetic Features
Assignment: Recipe for a Hurricane: Section 1
Assignment: Recipe for a Hurricane: Section 2
Assignment: Invention of Telescope: Section 1
Assignment: Invention of Telescope: Section 2

5- Adverbs, Treasure Island, Literary Devices
1- Vocabulary
Quiz: Chapter 4 Vocabulary
2- Adverbs
Handout: Adverbs
Assignment: Adverbs
3- Treasure Island
Handout: Treasure Island Reading Plan
Handout: Treasure Island Reading Comprehension Questions
Assignment: Treasure Island Reading Comprehension
4- Treasure Island Compare Contrast Essay
Handout: Treasure Island Leadership Chart
Essay: Treasure Island Compare/Contrast Rough Draft
Essay: Treasure Island Compare/Contrast Final Draft
Assignment: Treasure Island Leadership Chart
5- Literary Devices
Quiz: Literary Devices
6- Imagery
Quiz: Imagery
Assignment: Keeper

6- Affixes, Prepositions, Object Pronouns, Drama
1- Vocabulary
Handout: Chapter 5 Vocabulary
Assignment: Chapter 5 Vocabulary
2- Affixes
Handout: Affixes Vocabulary
Assignment: Affixes
3- Prepositions
Essay: Prepositions
4- Object Pronouns
Worksheet: Prepositions
5- Drama
6- The Taming of the Shrew
Handout: The Taming of the Shrew
Assignment: Taming of the Shrew

7- Sentence Types, Transitions, Tom Sawyer, Research Paper
1- Vocabulary
Handout: Chapter 6 Vocabulary
Assignment: Chapter 6 Vocabulary
2- Parts of a Simple Sentence
Worksheet: Parts of a Simple Sentence
3- Kinds of Sentences
Essay: A Lesson Learned
4- Transitions
Quiz: Transitions
5- The Adventures of Tom Sawyer
Handout: Tom Sawyer Reading Plan
Handout: Tom Sawyer Reading Questions
Assignment: Tom Sawyer Reading Questions
6- Writing a Research Paper
Handout: Tom Sawyer Research Paper options
Essay: Tom Sawyer Topic Choice
7- Step 1: Find Information
Assignment: Sources
8- Step 2: Summarize Information
Assignment: Detailed Sources
9- Step 3: Organize Your Thoughts
Assignment: Outline
10- Citing Sources & Works Cited Page
Handout: Internal Citations
Assignment: Works Cited Practice
11- Step 4: Complete a Rough Draft
Assignment: Rough Draft
12- Step 5: Finalize Your Draft
Essay: Tom Sawyer Research Paper
13- Midtest
Assignment: Midtest

8- Conjunctions, Sentences, Helen Keller, Memoir
1- Vocabulary
Handout: Chapter 7 Vocabulary
Assignment: Chapter 7 Vocabulary
2- Conjunctions
Worksheet: Conjunctions
Essay: Thinking in a New Way
3- Compound Sentences
Worksheet: Making the Connection with Conjunctions
4- The Story of My Life
Handout: The Story of My Life Questions Part 1
Handout: The Story of My Life Questions Part 2
Handout: Book Vs. Film Notes Organizer
Assignment: The Story of My Life Questions Part 1
Assignment: The Story of My Life Questions Part 2
Assignment: Book vs. Film Notes Organizer
Essay: The Story of My Life
5- What is a Memoir?
6- Writing Your Own Memoir
Assignment: Memoir Topics
7- Brainstorming and Drafting a Memoir
Handout: 6+1 Rubric
Essay: Memoir Draft
8- Finishing Your Memoir
Assignment: Memoir Final

9- Clauses and Phrases, Reading Strategies, Story Elements
1- Vocabulary
Quiz: Chapter 8 Vocabulary
2- Independent vs. Dependent Clauses
Worksheet: Independent vs. Dependent Clauses
3- Clauses vs. Phrases
Essay: One-of-a-Kind Friend
4- Reading Strategies
Handout: The Ransom of Red Chief
5- Voice and Point of View
Assignment: The Grasshopper and the Ant
6- Methods of Characterizations
Worksheet: Characterization Practice
7- Story Elements
Worksheet: Reading Strategies: The Ransom of Red Chief
8- Discovering Plot
Assignment: Discovering Plot

10- Commas, Themes, Tolerance
1- Vocabulary
Handout: Chapter 9 Vocabulary
Assignment: Chapter 9 Vocabulary
2- Commas, Part 1
Handout: Out to Lunch
Assignment: Out to Lunch
3- Commas, Part 2
Handout: Commas in the Right Places
Assignment: Commas in the Right Places
4- What is a Theme?
5- Tolerance as a Universal Theme
Essay: Tolerance Theme
6- Tolerance in Literature: Harlem Renaissance
7- Tolerance in Science and History
8- Tolerance Novel Project
Essay: Tolerance Novel Choice
Essay: Tolerance Novel Journals
9- Tolerance Novel Research Paper
Essay: Tolerance Research Topic Journal
Essay: Tolerance Novel Research Paper

11- Punctuation, Figures of Speech, Poetry
1- Vocabulary
Handout: Chapter 10 Vocabulary
Assignment: Chapter 10 Vocabulary
2- Punctuation: Ending a Sentence
Essay: A Learning Experience
3- Semicolon, Colon, Quotation Marks
Quiz: Punctuation
4- Ellipsis Marks
5- Figures of Speech: Introduction
6- Figures of Speech: Verbal Irony
7- Figures of Speech: Metaphors
Quiz: Metaphor
8- Introduction to Poetry
9- Determination in Poetry
Essay: Comparing Poetry
10- Writing Poetry
Assignment: Writing Poetry

12- Sentences, Voice, How-To Writing
1- Vocabulary and Mood
Handout: The Tell-Tale Heart
Handout: Chapter 11 Vocabulary
Assignment: Chapter 11 Vocabulary
Essay: A Tell-Tale Heart Mood
2- Sentence Fragments
Handout: Spring Carnival
Assignment: Spring Carnival
3- Run-On Sentences
Worksheet: Run-On Sentences
4- Active and Passive Voice
Worksheet: Active and Passive Voice
5- Social Justice Independent Novel
Handout: Social Justice Book Report
Assignment: Social Justice Independent Novel Journals
Assignment: Social Justice Book Report
6- How-To Writing
Essay: How to Essay Draft
7- Characteristics of How-To Writing
8- Recipe for Witches Brew
Handout: Procedural Writing Chart
Assignment: Procedural Writing Chart
9- Revising the How-To Writing
10- How-To Presentation
Handout: How-to Storyboard
Handout: How-To Rubric
Assignment: How-To Final Draft
Assignment: How-To Presentation

13- Persuasion, Citations, Connotation and Denotation
1- What is Persuasion?
Handout: Persuasion Practice
Assignment: Persuasion Practice
2- Persuasive Writing
3- Citing Evidence
4- Essay topics
Essay: Essay Topic
5- Persuasive Essay Format
Handout: Persuasive Essay Source Organizer
Handout: Sample Persuasive Essay
Essay: Persuasive Essay Thesis
Assignment: Persuasive Essay Sources
6- Connotation and Denotation
Assignment: Persuasive Essay
7- Post-test
Assignment: Post-test

14- Course Survey
1- Course Survey
Handout: Course Survey
Assignment: Course Survey