1.0 Credit

The Earth and Space Science course is a course focusing on the study of space, geologic structures and forces, the waters on our planet, and the atmospheric forces that shape our world. Students will explore the Earth’s spheres including the geosphere, hydrosphere, cryosphere, atmosphere, and the cycles of the Earth such as the water and carbon cycle. Students will learn about scientific inquiry, geologic time, space exploration, the solar system, and the universe.

Upon completion of the course, students will be sensitized to various moral and environmental issues being brought to the fore by research of the universe and other areas of earth and space structure and function of the various cells, tissues, and integrated systems of the body. The course is designed to lay the groundwork then move into various human systems.

1- Course Introduction
1- Course Description
2- Introduction
3- Understanding Plagiarism
4- Pretest
Assignment: Pretest
5- MLA Formatting
6- MLA Formatting MSWord
7- MLA Documentation
8- MLA Citation
9- MLA Incorporating Sources

2- The Nature of Science
1- What is Science?
2- Scientific Methodology
Handout: Scientific Methodology Matching Exercise
Assignment: Scientific Methodology Matching Exercise
3- Graphing Data
4- Types of Graphs
5- The Application of Science
Essay: The Nature of Science
Quiz: The Nature of Science

3- Standards of Measurement
1- The Metric System
2- Instruments Used in Measurement
3- Metric System Conversions
Handout: Standards of Measurement Written Practice
Assignment: Standards of Measurement Written Practice

4- Earth Basics
1- The Earth’s Interior
Assignment: Earth’s Interior
2- Magnetism & Gravity
Assignment: Magnetism and Its Uses
3- The Earth’s Five Spheres
4- The Earth’s Energy
5- The Origin of Life on Earth
6- The Earth’s Cycles
Quiz: Earth Basics

5- Earth Chemistry
1- 4 States of Matter
2- Atomic Theory
3- Resources and Energy
Essay: Earth Chemistry Writing Practice
Assignment: Nuclear Power: The Pros and Cons
Quiz: Earth Chemistry

6- Weather and Climate
1- The Atmosphere
Handout: The Atmosphere
Assignment: The Atmosphere
2- Temperature and Atmospheric Pressure
3- Weather
4- Severe Weather and Storms
5- Global Air Circulation
6- Predicting the Weather
7- Climate
8- Global Climate Change
Handout: Cloud Project
Assignment: Cloud Project
Quiz: Weather and Climate

7- Weathering and Erosion
1- Weathering and Erosion
2- Soil
3- Glacier Erosion
Essay: Glaciers Written Practice
4- Water Erosion
5- Wind Erosion
Handout: Erosion WebQuest
Assignment: Erosion WebQuest
Quiz: Weathering and Erosion

8- The Oceans
1- Features of the Ocean
2- Motions of Water
3- Waves
Handout: Charcteristics of Ocean Waves
Assignment: Characteristics of Ocean Waves
Quiz: The Oceans

9- Mid-Term Exam
1- Midtest
Assignment: Midtest
Quiz: Earth and Space Science Mid-Term Exam

10- Space and the Solar System
1- History and Future of Space Exploration
2- Instruments and Technology
Essay: Space Age Technolgy
3- Spectroscopy and EM Spectrum
Assignment: The Electromagnetic Spectrum
4- Measuring Astronomical Distances
5- Laws of Motion: Kepler and Newton
6- Our Solar System
Handout: Characteristics of Our Solar System
Assignment: Characteristics of Our Solar System
7- Formation of Earth
8- Formation of the Moon
Assignment: Origin of Earth’s Moon
Essay: Formation of the Moon Writing Practice
9- The Sun
10- Relationships of the Earth, Moon, and Sun
Quiz: Space and the Solar System

11- Stars and the Universe
1- Formation of the Universe
2- Matter in the Universe
Handout: Stars and the Universe
Assignment: Stars and the Universe
3- Galaxies
Assignment: Normal and Active Galaxies
4- Measuring Astronomical Distances
5- Constellations
Assignment: Constellations
6- Stars
7- Comets & Asteroids
Assignment: Stellar Evolution
Quiz: Stars and the Universe

12- The Dynamic Earth
1- Plate Tectonics
2- Earthquakes
3- Volcanoes
Assignment: Volcano Formation
4- Volcanic Regions
5- Examples of Volcanic Eruptions
Handout: Mt. St. Helens Volcano WebQuest
Assignment: Mt. St. Helens Volcano WebQuest
6- Plutonic Activity
7- Predicting Eruptions and Warning Systems
Handout: Predicting Earthquakes
Assignment: Predicting Earthquakes
Quiz: The Dynamic Earth

13- History of Earth
1- Evolution and the Fossil Record
2- Evidence of Evolution
3- Geologic Time
4- Relative Time Scale
5- Radiometric Time Scale
6- Atomic Clock Methods
7- Date by Radiometric Methods
8- Age of Earth
Handout: Geologic Times Written Practice
Assignment: Forecasting Earth’s Future
Assignment: Geologic Times Written Practice
Quiz: History of Earth

14- Final Exam
1- Post-test
Assignment: Post-test
Quiz: Earth and Space Science Final Exam

15- Course Evaluation
Handout: Course Evaluation
Assignment: Course Evaluation