Take a few minutes to read through the following information. This concerns objectives, grading, and resources; consequently, it is information you need and will be expected to know.

Course Description

Hello and welcome to Dance History Appreciation. My name is Ms. White and I will be your instructor for this course. Dance History Appreciation is an Elective Course, in which students will study the history of various types of dance. In addition, you will be introduced to the lives of famous dancers, such as Balanchine, Maria Tallchief, Martha Graham, Katherine Dunham, Josephine Baker, Alvin Ailey, and Gregory Hines.


During this course students will:
o study the history of various types of dance
o study the lives of famous dancers


A-100%-90%, B-89%-80%, C-79%-70%, D-69%-60%, F-Below 60%

Materials & Resources

Students should maintain a 3-ring binder organized by unit to collect and arrange study materials provided in each unit.
All material for this class will come from sources available on the Internet. Because your success in this course relies on accessing and reading the material, please let your instructor know immediately if a link is faulty or inactive.


You will take an assessment or complete an activity after reading each chapter.

As a final project, students will need to view a dance performance of their choice. If you are not able to view a performance at a public theater, school, or college campus, view the performance on a DVD or on television. Lastly, write a two-three page paper of what you enjoyed about the performance. Make sure to give a description of the scenery, costumes, and your interpretation of the dance performance.

Please feel free to email me when you have a question.

1- Introduction
1- Introduction and Expectations
2- Course Description
3- Plagiarism–Please Be Aware
4- Formatting Your Paper
5- MLA Formatting Word 2007
6- MLA Documentation updates
7- MLA Citation
8- MLA Incorporating Sources

2- Ballet
1- Introduction
2- Ballet History:1600’s and 1700’s
3- Ballet 1700’s
4- Ballet 1700’s
Assignment: Ballet Assignment
5- 18th Century Ballet
6- 18th Century Ballet and beyond
Quiz: Ballet Reading Questions–18th Century
7- Romantic Ballets
8- Romantic Ballets
Quiz: Romantic Ballet pages 6 and 7
9- 19th Century Ballets
10- Ballet of the 20th Century
Worksheet: 19th and 20th century ballet
11- 20th Century Ballet
12- 20th Century Ballet
13- Ballet–New Forms and Creations
14- Ballet–New Creations
15- Ballet in the 1900’s
Assignment: Famous Dancer Quotes Activity
16- Ballet Dancer Links

3- Modern Dance
1- History of Modern Dance in the U.S.
2- First Generation
3- Dance Pioneers
Quiz: Martha Graham
4- Alvin Ailey
Quiz: Alvin Ailey
5- Katherine Dunham–Modern Dance Choreographer
6- Second Generation
Assignment: Modern Dance Powerpoint Project
7- Second Generation Modern Dance
8- The Modern Generation of Modern Dance
Assignment: Power Point Presentation–Modern Dance

4- Jazz Dance
1- Jazz Dance History
2- Jazz Dance
3- Jazz Dance 1900’s
4- Jazz Dance
Assignment: Jazz Dance Video Review
5- Jazz Dance
6- Jazz Dance
7- Jazz Dance Links
Assignment: Jazz Dance Video Review Writing Assignment

5- Ballroom Dance
1- Introduction
2- Ballroom Dance
3- Ballroom Dance
4- Ballroom Dance
Assignment: Ballroom Assignment Essay
Worksheet: Ballroom Dance

6- Tap Dance
1- Tap Dance History
2- Tap in the Early 1900’s
3- Tap Dance and Musicals
4- Henry E. Dixey
5- Lancashire Clogging
Assignment: Tap Dance Assignment
6- George Primrose
7- Buck and Wing Tap Dancing
8- Tap Dance Examples
Assignment: Tap Dance Video Review

7- African Dance
1- Dance in Africa
2- African Dance Changes in The United States
3- The African Drum
4- Polycentric African Dance
5- African Dance Influences During the 1700’s and the 1800’s in North America
Assignment: African Dance Powerpoint Project
6- African Dance Influence in the U.S. During the 1900’s
7- The History of African Dance in the U.S. Beyond the 1900’s
8- African Dance Links and Videos

8- Course Survey
Handout: Course Evaluation
Assignment: End of Course Evaluation