College Readiness

College Readiness courseware is 100% aligned to ACCUPLACER in the subject areas of Arithmetic, Elementary Algebra, College Algebra, College Pre-Calculus/Trigonometry, Sentence Skills, and Reading Comprehension and is approximately 94% aggregately aligned to COMPASS in the subject areas of Numerical Skills/Pre-Algebra, Algebra, College Algebra, Trigonometry, Reading, and Writing Skills. ACCUPLACER is a registered trademark of College Board and COMPASS is a trademark of ACT, Inc.
GED Test Preparation

The backbone of the GED Test Prep is a series of comprehensive assessments that test students in the five GED subject areas — Language Arts (Reading and Writing), Social Studies, Science, and Mathematics. Our pretests for GED competency pinpoint individual student skill deficiencies and automatically assign lessons that teach those skills. After students progress through the lesson material in a self-paced environment, the post-tests measure and record academic gains, indicating whether students are prepared to take the GED exam. All questions on the tests are aligned to the GED test objectives.

High School Core Courses and Elective Programs: