This course is designed to help students explore a variety of careers to consider and begin planning a career path.
This course is great whether you already know what you want to do, or if you are undecided.
This course is designed to students become proficient in core areas to ensure success after high school.

These skills include:
(1) Solving Problems And Thinking Skillfully
(2) Communicating Effectively, Applying Technology
(3) Working Responsibly
(4) Planning And Managing A Career
(5) Managing Resources

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This course provides students opportunities to determine benefits and risks of self-employment and develop a specific competence in starting a small business. Students will experience application of the following Florida Economics Standards: implications of scarcity, analysis of current events, interdependence of households and firms, comparison of different economic systems, principles of microeconomics and macroeconomics, the economic role of government, affects of international trade, and financial choices. Students will also experience application of the following Florida Math Standards: number sense data analysis, and probability, patterns and algebra, discrete mathematics, and logic.

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This course, designed to provide a fundamental understanding of business management, will cover managing, marketing, financing and communicating within a business environment. Skills taught will include communication, problem solving and decision-making, economics, ethics, financials, and basic marketing principles. Students will experience applications supporting the Florida Math Standards. Assignments are individual and project based and will provide a solid foundation for future coursework.

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The purpose of this course is to provide instruction in English language arts with emphasis on specific language skills as they relate to various occupations.


This course is designed to help students become more aware of the history of communication and how communication impacts our lives each day. Mass Communication looks at the role mass media has played, and continues to play, in American culture. Given the enormous effect of the media on our daily lives, Mass Communication seeks out how and why they reflect our social values. They also describe how public policy draws boundaries.

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High School Core Courses and Elective Programs: