1.0 Credit

The Biology course incorporates new perspectives and understanding across major subdisciplines of biology. Genetics, cell biology, development, behavior and immunology are some of the areas covered. The concept of evolution is seen as the central organizing theme of biology. The focus of the course is on molecular biology. As an introductory course in biology, students are prepared for college.

As an introductory course in biology, students are prepared for college and advanced placement courses. Students will be sensitized to various moral and environmental issues being brought to the fore by research in bioengineering and other areas of biological research. They will be provided with tools with which to make educated decisions regarding these new technologies and developments.

1- Course Introduction
1- Course Description
2- Introduction
3- Course Links
4- Understanding Plagiarism
5- Pretest
Assignment: Pretest
6- MLA Formatting
7- MLA Formatting MSWord
8- MLA Documentation
9- MLA Citation
10- MLA Incorporating Sources

2- Science
1- What is Science?
2- Scientific Methodology
Handout: Scientific Methodology Matching Exercise
Handout: Identifying Control and Experimental Groups
Assignment: Scientific Methodology Matching Exercise
Assignment: Identifying the Control and Experimental Groups
3- Graphing Data
4- Types of Graphs
5- The Application of Science
Quiz: Science Test

3- Standards of Measurement
1- The Metric System
Handout: Metric Conversion
Assignment: Metric Conversion
2- Instruments Used in Measurement
Handout: Instruments Used in Measurement
Assignment: Instruments Used in Measurement
3- Metric System Conversions
Quiz: Standards of Measurement Test

4- Tools of a Biologist: Microscopes
1- Microscope History
2- Vocabulary
3- Compound Light Microscope
Handout: Instructional Virtual Compound Light Microscope
Assignment: Instructional Virtual Compound Light Microscope
4- Electron Microscopes
Essay: Structure and Function of Microscopes
Quiz: Tools of a Biologist Test

5- Chemical Basis of Life
1- Properties of Water
2- Water’s Cohesive and Adhesive Behavior
3- Water and Temperature
Handout: Properties of Water
Assignment: Properties of Water
4- Mixtures, Solutions, and Suspensions
5- Adics, Bases, and the pH Scale
Handout: Acids and Bases: Reading pH
Assignment: Acids and Bases: Reading pH
6- Organic Compounds: Chemistry of Life
7- Carbohydrates
8- Lipids
9- Proteins
10- Proteins: Enzymes
11- Nucleic Acids
Handout: Organic Molecule Chart
Handout: Identifying Organic Compounds
Assignment: Organic Molecule Chart
Assignment: Identifying Organic Compounds
Quiz: Chemical Basis of Life Test

6- Cell Biology
1- The History of the Cell Theory
2- Eukaryotic and Prokaryotic Cells
3- Cell Structure and Function of Animal Cells
Handout: Structures of the Cell
Handout: Functions of the Cell
Assignment: Structures of the Cell
Assignment: Functions of the Cell
4- Cell Structure and Function of Plant Cells
5- Differences Between Animal and Plant Cells
Handout: Differences and Similarities between Animal and Plant Cells
Assignment: Differences and Similarities between Animal and Plant Cells
Quiz: Cell Biology Test

7- Cell Transport
1- Cell Membrane
2- Movement through the Cell
3- Passive Transport
Handout: Osmotic Solutions
Assignment: Osmotic Solutions
4- Active Transport
Handout: Movement of Materials through the Cell Membrane
Assignment: Movement of Materials through the Cell Membrane
Quiz: Cell Transport Test

8- Cell Chemistry
1- Cell Chemistry
2- Enzymes
3- Enzymes in the Body
4- Life Applications of Enzymes
Handout: Enzymes
Assignment: Enzymes
5- ATP
Handout: ATP Cell Energy
Assignment: ATP Cell Energy
Quiz: Cell Chemistry Test

9- Cellular Respiration
1- Cellular Respiration
2- Glycolysis
3- Krebs Cycle
4- Electron Transport Chain
Handout: Cellular Respiration
Assignment: Cellular Respiration
5- Anarobic Respiration
Handout: Cellular Respiration-Fermentation Flow Chart
Assignment: Cellular Respiration-Fermentation Flow Chart
Quiz: Cellular Respiration Test

10- Photosynthesis
1- Photosynthesis
Handout: Photosynthesis
Assignment: Photosynthesis
2- Light and Dark Reactions
Handout: Light and Dark Reactions
Assignment: Light and Dark Reactions
Quiz: Photosynthesis Test

11- Mid-Term Exam
1- Midtest
Assignment: Midtest
Quiz: Mid-Term Exam

12- The Genetic Code
1- Genes
2- DNA
Handout: The DNA Molecule
Assignment: The DNA Molecule
3- Rosalind Franklin
4- DNA Replication
Handout: DNA Replication
Assignment: DNA Replication
5- RNA
Handout: DNA and RNA Comparison
Assignment: DNA and RNA Comparison
6- Protein Synthesis
7- Transcription
8- Translation
9- Building a Protein
Handout: Protein Synthesis
Assignment: Protein Synthesis
Quiz: The Genetic Code Test

13- Cell Reproduction
1- Cell Reproduction
Handout: Cell Reproduction
Assignment: Cell Reproduction
2- Cell Cycle and Interphase
3- Mitosis
Handout: Cell Cycle
Assignment: Cell Cycle
4- Meiosis
5- Meiosis I
6- Meiosis II
Assignment: Introduction to Mitosis and Meiosis
7- Chromosome Numbers
Handout: Chromosome Numbers
Assignment: Chromosome Numbers
Quiz: Cell Reproduction Test

14- Basic Genetics
1- History of Basic Genetics
2- Mendel’s Laws of Inheritance
3- Determining Gene Expression
4- Rules of Probability
5- Multiple Alleles
6- Sex-Linked Genes
7- Other Types of Inheritance
Assignment: Punnett Squares
Quiz: Basic Genetics Test

15- Applied Genetics
1- Chromosomal Mutations
2- Mutagens
3- Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology
Handout: DNA Fingerprinting
Handout: Interpreting a Human Pedigree
Assignment: DNA Fingerprinting
Assignment: Interpreting a Human Pedigree
4- Heredity and Personal Health
Quiz: Applied Genetics Test

16- Evolution
1- The Theory of Evolution
2- Darwin and Natural Selection
3- Evidence to Support Evolution
Handout: Determining the Age of Fossils
Handout: Homologous and Analogous Structures
Assignment: Determining the Age of Fossils
Assignment: Homologous and Analogous Structures
4- Origin of Life on Earth
5- Hominid Evolution
Handout: Human Evolution
Assignment: Human Evolution
Quiz: Evolution Test

17- Classification and Kingdoms
1- Why Classify?
2- Taxonomy
3- Linnaeus’ System of Classification
Handout: Taxonomy: Interpreting Diagrams
Assignment: Taxonomy: Interpreting Diagrams
4- Viruses
5- Kingdoms of Life
6- Kingdom Monera
7- Kingdom Protista
Handout: Kingdom Protista
Assignment: Kingdom Protista
8- Kingdom Fungi
9- Kingdom Plantae
10- Kingdom Animalia
Handout: Animal Phylum Matching
Assignment: Animal Phylum Matching
Assignment: Exploring Taxonomic Groups
Quiz: Classification and Kingdoms Test

18- Ecology
1- Ecology
2- Abiotic Factors
3- Biotic Factors
Handout: Abiotic and Biotic Factors
Handout: Food Webs
Assignment: Abiotic and Biotic Factors
Assignment: Food Webs
4- Interrelationships of Organisms
Handout: Symbiotic Relationships
Assignment: Symbiotic Relationships
5- Biomes
6- Life in Aquatic Systems
Handout: Biomes
Assignment: Biomes
7- Interruptions in an Ecosystem
8- Non-Renewable Natural Resouces
9- Renewable Resources and Disadvantages of Implementation
Quiz: Ecology Test

19- The Human Body
1- Cardiovascular System
Handout: The Cardiovascular System
Assignment: The Cardiovascular System
2- The Human Brain
Handout: The Anatomy of the Brain
Assignment: The Anatomy of the Brain
3- The Reproductive System
Handout: The Reproductive System: Is it for a Girl or Boy?
Assignment: The Reproductive System: Is it for a Girl or Boy?
4- Human Development
Quiz: The Human Body Test

20- Final Exam
1- Post-test
Assignment: Post-test
Quiz: Final Exam

21- End of Course Survey
Handout: End of Course Evaluation
Assignment: End of Course Evalution