1.0 Credit

*Develop the skills to read critically and evaluate works of literature for
• Character development and methods of characterization
• Setting and the influence of time and place on the work as a whole
• Structure and its contribution to meaning
• Style and word choice
• Tone, purpose, and theme
• Irony, symbolism, and figurative language

*Increase their appreciation of literature in various genres and their understanding of the relationship between literature and the time/culture in which it is produced

*Develop their abilities to write essays analysis and evaluation that

• Establish an insightful thesis regarding a literary work
• Develop the thesis with relevant, specific details from the text
• Demonstrate a logical organization within and among paragraphs of the essay using repetition, transitions, and parallel structure
• Use an appropriate, wide-ranging vocabulary
• Include varied sentence structures
• Use and maintain an appropriate voice

*Develop their skills in comparing and contrasting literary elements and themes in texts written in various genres and from various literary periods.

*Improve their skills in revision and editing of their own writing, including their abilities to
• Develop a concise and insightful thesis
• Evaluate the relevance of details for inclusion
• Revise organization of sentences, paragraphs, or the essay as a whole to improve clarity
• Modify word choices to make them more effective
• Balance generalizations about the text with specific details from the text

1- Introduction
1- Introduction
2- Course Description
3- Assessments
4- Focus and Materials
5- Plagiarism Discussion
6- MLA Formatting
7- MLA Citation
8- MLA Incorporating Sources
9- MLA Citation Updates

2- The AP Exam
1- Content and Format
2- Scoring Rubric
3- Sample Multiple Choice
Handout: Sample Multiple Choice Exam
Quiz: Sample Multiple-Choice Exam
4- Sample Essay Exam 1
Essay: Free-Response Essay 1

3- Reading & Writing Skills
1- The Close Reading
2- Close Reading continued
3- Close Reading Sample
4- Close Reading: Bleak House
5- Close Reading Conclusion
6- Close Reading: Practice
Assignment: Close Reading: Practice
7- Literary Analysis

4- Short Story
1- Introduction
Assignment: Poe’s Short Story Requirements
2- Point-of-View/Setting
Handout: Literary Elements
Assignment: Girl – point of view
Assignment: Rip Van Winkle – setting
3- Character
Assignment: White Heron – character/setting
4- Plot
Worksheet: A Small Good Thing
5- Conflict/Theme
Worksheet: How to Tell a True War Story
6- Historical Context
Essay: To Build A Fire – Historical Context
7- Literary Devices
Handout: Literary Terms
Assignment: I Stand Here Ironing
Worksheet: I Stand Here Ironing cont.
8- Analysis Essay
Handout: Literary Analysis Essay
Assignment: Short Story Analysis-Rough Draft
Essay: Short Story Analysis Final Draft
9- Case Study: Flannery O’Connor
Handout: AP Flannery OConnor Story
Handout: Flannery O’Connor Writing A Guide for the Perplexed
Handout: Flannery O’Connor New World Encyclopedia
Handout: Heath Anthology Flanner O’Connor Bio
Handout: Anagogical Vision and Comedic Form in Flannery O’Connor
Handout: Beginnings and Endings in Flannery O’Connor
Handout: Flannery O’Connor’s “Fourth Dimension”
Handout: American Gargoyles: Flannery O’Connor and the American Grotesque
Handout: Narrating Knowledge in Flannery O’Connor’s Fiction
Handout: Southern Orientalism: Flannery O’Connor’s Cosmopolis
Assignment: AP Flannery OConnor Story
Assignment: A Good Man is Hard to Find Essay-Outline
Essay: A Good Man is Hard to Find Essay-Final
10- AP Practice Exam
Handout: AP Practice Exam
Assignment: Multiple-Choice Exam Practice
Essay: Free Response Essay Practice

5- Poetry
1- Introduction
Handout: How to Read a Poem
Essay: Imagery in the Lyric Poem
2- Meter
Assignment: Sound and Sense in Poetry
3- Meter cont.
4- Rhyme
5- Structure
Assignment: Structure and Form
Essay: Sonneteers
6- Medieval & Renaissance Poetry
Handout: The Collar: Poem and Questions
Handout: The Collar: PowerPoint
Assignment: “The Ruin”
Assignment: The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam
Assignment: Canterbury Tales
Assignment: Sidney
Assignment: Shakespeare
Assignment: John Donne “The Bait”
Assignment: Milton “On His Blindness”
7- Neo-Classical & Romantic Poetry
Handout: Dickinson Frost PowerPoint
Assignment: “To His Coy Mistress”
Essay: Bradstreet & Wheatley
Essay: English Romantic Poets
Assignment: “To Autumn”
Assignment: William Blake
8- Victorian Poetry
Assignment: “Dover Beach”
Assignment: “Old Ironsides”
9- Modern and Post-Modern Poetry
Assignment: Langston Hughes: Harlem Voices
Assignment: Imagism
10- AP Exam Practice
Handout: AP Practice Exam
Assignment: Multiple-Choice Exam Practice
Essay: Free Response Essay Practice

6- Drama
1- Introduction
Handout: Shakespeare Web Quest
Assignment: Shakespeare Web Quest
2- Hamlet
Handout: Hamlet Study Guide Questions
Essay: Hamlet, Act I – Journal
Essay: Hamlet, Act II – Journal
Essay: Hamlet, Act III – Journal
Essay: Hamlet, Act IV – Journal
Essay: Hamlet, Act V – Journal
Quiz: Hamlet – Act I
Quiz: Hamlet – Act II
Quiz: Hamlet – Act III
Quiz: Hamlet – Act IV
Quiz: Hamlet – Act V
Assignment: Hamlet Study Guide Questions
Essay: Hamlet Timed Writing
3- AP Practice Exam
Handout: AP Practice Exam
Assignment: Multiple-Choice Exam Practice
Essay: Free Response Essay Practice

7- Novel
1- Introduction
2- Archetypes continued
Assignment: Archetypes
3- Love Medicine
Handout: AP Love Medicine Reader’s Journal
Assignment: Love Medicine Reader’s Journal
4- The Heart is a Lonely Hunter
Handout: AP The Heart is a Lonely Hunter
Assignment: Making Fiction Believable
Assignment: The Heart is a Lonely Hunter Journal
5- Heart of Darkness
Assignment: Heart of Darkness: Analyzing the Text
Essay: Heart of Darkness Marlow Essay
Essay: Heart of Darknes/The Hollow Man Essay
6- Frankenstein
Handout: Frankenstein Research Essay
Assignment: Frankenstein Research & Outline
Essay: Frankenstein Rough Draft
Essay: Frankenstein Final Draft
7- AP Practice Exam
Handout: AP Practice Exam
Assignment: Multiple-Choice Exam Practice
Essay: Free Response Essay Practice

8- Independent Author Study
1- Independent Study
Assignment: Independent Study: Oral Report
Essay: Independent Study: Research Paper

9- Course Review and Exam Preparation
1- Final Portfolio & Reflection
Essay: Final Portfolio
2- Exam Preparation
3- Multiple-Choice Post-Test
Handout: Sample Multiple Choice Exam
Quiz: Multiple-Choice Post Test

10- Course Survey
1- Course Survey
Handout: Course Survey
Assignment: Course Survey