This course engages students in becoming skilled readers of prose written in a variety of rhetorical contexts, and in becoming skilled writers who compose for a variety of purposes. Both their writing and their reading should make students aware of the interactions among a writer’s purposes, audience expectations, and subjects, as well as the way genre conventions and the resources of language contribute to effectiveness in writing.

1- Introduction
1- Introduction
2- Course Description
3- Assignments and Assessment
4- Understanding Plagiarism
5- The AP Exam
6- AP Multiple-Choice Pre-test
Handout: Multiple Choice Pre-test
Handout: Answer Sheet
Assignment: AP Pre-test
7- MLA Formatting MSWord 2007
8- MLA Documentation updates
9- MLA Citation
10- MLA Incorporating Sources
11- Writing about Literature

2- Writing/Editing Review
1- Using the Right Words
2- Grammar and Punctuation
3- Writing for the AP Exam
4- AP Exam Rubric

3- Editing
1- Editing Strategies
2- Proofreading
3- Organization
4- Usage and Sentence Structure
5- Spelling
6- Finished Paper
Worksheet: Editing Strategies Worksheet

4- Basics of Rhetoric
1- SOAPSTone Method
2- SOAPSTone continued
3- Basics of Rhetoric
Handout: Note Taking Rhetoric
Assignment: Rhetoric notes
4- Argument and the Rhetorical Triangle
5- Practice
Assignment: SOAPSTone practice

5- Close Reading: Becoming an Active Reader
1- Critical Reading
2- Tools for Close Reading
3- Practice
Assignment: Close Reading Practice
4- Analyzing Images
5- Practice
Assignment: Analyzing Images Practice

6- Using Research in Your Writing
1- Research Writing
2- Synthesis Essay
Handout: Writing a Synthesis Essay
3- Determine the Topic
4- Evaluate the Sources
Assignment: Argument Outline
5- Check Yourself

7- Identifying Rhetorical Devices
1- Beyond Ethos, Pathos, and Logos
2- Practice

8- Power of Words
1- How We Communicate
Assignment: Journal
2- The Art of Conversation
Handout: The Art of Conversation
Assignment: The Art of Conversation
3- Conversation in a Technical Age
Handout: Conversation in a Technical Age
Assignment: Conversation in a Technical Age
4- AP Synthesis Essay
Essay: AP Synthesis Essay
5- Cause and Effect Essay
Essay: Cause and Effect Essay
Quiz: Verbs and Verbals

9- Education
1- Defining Education
Assignment: Journal
2- How Much Education
Handout: How Much Education
Assignment: How Much Education
3- “Fixing” Education
Handout: “Fixing” Education
Assignment: “Fixing” Education
4- AP Synthesis Essay
Essay: AP Synthesis Essay
5- Personal Narrative
Essay: Personal Narrative
Quiz: Nouns and Pronouns Quiz

10- AP Exam Practice
1- Multiple-Choice Exam

11- Work and Leisure
1- Work Ethic
Assignment: Journal
2- Benefits of Hard Work
Handout: Benefits of Hard Work
Assignment: Benefits of Hard Work
3- Benefits of Hardly Working
Handout: Benefits of Hardly Working
Assignment: Benefits of Hardly Working
4- AP Synthesis Essay
Essay: AP Synthesis Essay
5- Description Essay
Assignment: Description essay
Quiz: AdjAdv Prep & Conj

12- Censorship
1- Defining Censorship
Assignment: Journal
2- Censorship and Society
Handout: Censorship and Society
Assignment: Censorship and Society
3- Censorship and Technology
Handout: Censorship and Technology
Assignment: Censorship and Technology
4- AP Synthesis Essay
Essay: AP Synthesis Essay
5- Process Essay
Essay: Process Essay
Quiz: Phrases and Clauses quiz

13- Individual in Society
1- Conformity versus Individualism
Assignment: Journal
2- A History of Rebellion
Handout: A History of Rebellion
Assignment: A History of Rebellion
3- The Needs of the Many
Handout: The Needs of the Many
Assignment: The Needs of the Many
4- AP Free Response Essay
Essay: AP Free Response Essay
5- Comparison Essay
Essay: Comparison Essay
Quiz: Subject Verb Agreement quiz

14- Being American
1- A Changing Country
Assignment: Journal
2- On Race
Handout: On Race
Assignment: On Race
3- On Religion
Handout: On Religion
Assignment: On Religion
4- AP Free Response Essay
Essay: AP Free Response Essay
5- Definition Essay
Essay: Definition Essay
Quiz: Case Quiz

15- Cult of Celebrity
1- Defining Celebrity
Assignment: Journal
2- Famous for Being Famous
Handout: Celebrity Culture in America
Handout: Famous for Being Famous
Assignment: Famous for Being Famous
3- Celebrity as Role Model
Handout: Celebrity as Role Model
Assignment: Celebrity as Role Model
4- AP Free Response Essay
Essay: AP Free Response Essay
5- Classification Essay
Essay: Classification Essay
Worksheet: Punctuation Quiz

16- Research Project
1- Avoiding Plagiarism
Assignment: Avoiding Plagiarism
2- Conducting Research
3- Evaluating Sources
4- Thesis Statements
5- Style
6- Final Assignment
Essay: Research Essay

17- Course Review and Exam Preparation
1- Final Portfolio & Reflection
Essay: Final Portfolio
2- Exam Preparation
3- Multiple-Choice Post-Test
Handout: AP Multiple-Choice Sample Exam
Handout: Answer Sheet
Assignment: Multiple-Choice Post-Test

18- Course Survey
1- Course Survey
Handout: Course Survey
Assignment: Course Survey