1.0 Credit

The primary content emphasis for this course pertains to the study of United States history from Reconstruction to the present day. Students will be exposed to the historical, geographic, political, economic, and sociological events which influenced the development of the United States and the resulting impact on world history. So that students can clearly see the relationship between cause and effect in historical events, students should have the opportunity to review those fundamental ideas and events which occurred before the end of Reconstruction.

Students in American History are given an opportunity to:

1)Gain a basic knowledge of events and facts of National and State History from earliest cultures to the present,
2)Become familiar with the literature of American History,
3)Develop social studies skills such as map and graph interpretation,
4)Develop skills in interpretation and analysis of both primary and secondary documents or sources,
5)Develop historical writing skills.

1- Introduction
1- Introduction
2- Course Description
3- Understanding Plagiarism
4- Pretest
Assignment: Pretest
5- Review: America in early 19th Century
6- Review part 2
7- MLA Formatting Word 2007
8- MLA Documentation updates
9- MLA Citation
10- MLA Incorporating Sources

2- Unit 1: Civil War & Reconstruction
1- Introduction
Handout: Abolitionism
2- Civil War Overview
Handout: Causes of the Civil War
Handout: The Civil War
3- The Union Dissolves
4- The Start of the War
5- Fighting the War
Handout: Mapping Assignment
Assignment: Mapping Assignment
6- Civil War Aftermath
Assignment: The Emancipation Proclamation
Essay: Civil War Essay
7- Reconstruction
Handout: Reconstruction
8- Reconstruction continued
Essay: Reconstruction

3- Unit 1: Settling the West
1- Western Frontier
Handout: California Gold Rush
Handout: Life in the West
Assignment: The Great Plains Indian Wars
Assignment: Life in the West
2- Native American Experience
Assignment: Native American Reeducation
3- Oregon Trail
Handout: Oregon Trail PowerPoint
Handout: Oregon Trail Scavenger Hunt Assignment
Assignment: Oregon Trail Scavenger Hunt
Assignment: Westward Expansion

4- Unit 1: Industrialization
1- Gilded Age
2- Transcontinental Railroad
Handout: Transcontinental Railroad
3- Rise of Industry
Handout: Age of Great Inventions

5- Unit 1: Urban Migration
1- Move to the Cities
Assignment: Ellis Island and the Immigrant Experience
2- Reform
Quiz: Unit 1 Test

6- Unit 2: Progressive Era
1- Progressive Era
Handout: Progressive Era Politics
2- Progressive Era continued
Handout: Muckrakers and Reformers
Essay: The Standard Oil Monopoly

7- Unit 2: American Imperialism
1- Seeking Empire
Assignment: America as World Power
2- Spanish-American War
Handout: Spanish American War
Assignment: Spanish-American War

8- Unit 2: World War I
1- Road to War
2- WWI
Handout: WWI
Assignment: The U.S. Enters the War
3- WWI Propaganda
4- End of WWI
Essay: The Versailles Treaty
Worksheet: World War I

9- MidTerm
1- Midtest
Assignment: Midtest
Quiz: Midterm

10- Unit 2: The Roaring 20s
1- Roaring 20s
Handout: The 1920s
2- Old Values vs. New
Assignment: Flappers
3- Flowering Culture
Essay: The Impact of Broadcasting
Worksheet: Roaring 20’s

11- Unit 2: Great Depression & The New Deal
1- America Between the Wars
Assignment: Great Depression Photo Essay
2- 1930s and 40s continued
Handout: Great Depression
Handout: FDRs New Deal
3- FDR and the New Deal
Handout: FDR & The New Deal Presentation
Assignment: FDR and the New Deal
4- Causes of the Great Depression
Handout: Causes of the Great Depression
Essay: The Great Depression: The Stock Market Crash
Worksheet: The Great Depression
Quiz: The Great Depression Quiz
Quiz: Unit 2 Quiz

12- Unit 3: World War II
Handout: World War II
Assignment: Yalta and Poland
Assignment: Analyzing Motives
2- The War at Home
Handout: WWII Homefront
Assignment: The Homefront
3- Holocaust in Europe
Assignment: Memories of the Holocaust
Essay: The Holocaust and Hiroshima

13- Unit 3: The Cold War Begins
1- Post-War Challenges
Handout: Causes of the Cold War
Assignment: Marshall Plan
2- The Cold War
Handout: The Cold War
Handout: Cold War Vocabulary
Handout: Cold War Graphic Organizer
Assignment: Cold War McCarthyism
Assignment: Cold War Vocabulary
3- Cold War Continued
Handout: Cold War Overview PowerPoint
Worksheet: The Cold War at Home; Truman’s ‘Fair Deal’

14- Unit 3: 1950s — Happy Days?
1- 1950s
Assignment: Truman Doctrine
2- Civil Rights
Handout: Civil Rights Movement
Assignment: Recipe for Civil Rights
Quiz: Unit 3 Quiz

15- Unit 4: American Camelot
1- Kennedy Administration
2- Rising Tensions

16- Unit 4: Culture Shock
1- Vietnam War
Handout: The Vietnam War
Essay: Johnson and the Vietnam War
Worksheet: Vietnam War
2- Time of Malaise
Assignment: Nixon and the Watergate Scandal

17- Unit 4: End of the Millennium
1- Winding Down
Essay: The War Powers Act
2- New Gilded Age?
Assignment: Cold War Map
3- End of the Century

18- Unit 4: America in the 21st Century
1- Turn of the Century
Assignment: Last 50 years
2- Growing Problems
Quiz: Unit 4 Quiz

19- Final Exam
1- Post-test
Assignment: Post-test
Quiz: Final Exam

20- Course Survey
Handout: Course Evaluation
Assignment: Course Survey