0.5 Credit

This course is designed to provide students with a basic knowledge of the purpose, structure, and operation of the national and state governmental systems. The primary content of study is the Federal system and its underlying principles as they are related to National, State, and local levels.

The Government course is a thought-provoking exploration of American Government and Politics. We will cover such topics as the Constitution, civil rights, interest groups, politics, voting, Congress, the Presidency, the Judiciary, laws, public policies, state & local government, and current events.

1- Introduction
1- Introduction
2- Course Description
3- Course Links
4- Understanding Plagiarism
5- Pretest
Assignment: Pretest
6- MLA Formatting MSWord 2007
7- MLA Documentation updates
8- MLA Citation
9- MLA Incorporating Sources

2- Historical Documents
1- Introduction
2- Historical Documents
3- Declaration of Independence
Assignment: The Declaration of Independence
4- Articles of Confederation
5- Federalists Papers
Handout: Federalist 10 Activity
Handout: Current Issues Spectrum
Essay: Federalist 10
6- The Bill of Rights
7- Emancipation Proclamation
8- Gettysburg Address
Quiz: Quiz 4 HistDocuments and The Constitution

3- Political Landscape
1- Political Landscape
2- Basic Facts
3- Quick Facts – USA
4- Our Capital
5- Democracy
Assignment: Political Landscape Worksheet
Assignment: What you Think Assignment

4- Political Philosophy
1- Socrates, Plato, Aristotle
2- Greek Leaders Position
3- Niccolo Machiavelli
4- Other Thinkers of the Renaissance
5- Spinoza, Locke, and Smith
6- Voltaire and Rousseau
7- Political Philosophers
Quiz: Background information, Political landscape, and Philosophy
Essay: The Declaration of Independence

5- The Constitution
1- Constitution
2- Constitutional Convention
3- Federalism
4- Checks and Balances
5- Writing the Constitution
6- The Virginia Plan
Essay: The Virginia Plan
7- Federalism Continued
8- Anti-federalist Debates
Handout: Worksheet 1
Handout: Worksheet 2
Assignment: Worksheets 1 and 2
Assignment: Questions
Assignment: Persuasive Speech
Quiz: Federalism Quiz

6- State and Local Government
1- US Government Manual
2- Introduction
3- Branches of the Government
4- Executive Branch
5- Legislative Branch
6- Judicial Branch
7- Supreme Court
8- How Supreme Court Works
9- Supreme Court Justices
Worksheet: State and Local Government
Quiz: State and Local Government Quiz

7- Civil Liberties
1- How Laws are Made
2- Civil Liberties
Assignment: Civil Liberties at Work
Essay: Freedom of Speech in School
Quiz: Civil Liberties Quiz

8- Civil Rights
1- Civil Rights
2- Democracy & Equality
3- The 14th Amendment
Assignment: 14th Amendment Activity
Essay: Dissent Essay
4- Plessey vs. Ferguson
Quiz: Civil Rights Quiz
5- With Liberty and Justice for All – part 1
Handout: Civil Liberties & Civil Rights
Handout: Viewer’s Guide for ‘A Nation of Liberties’ Democracy and World War II
Handout: Tracing the Evolution of the Pledge of Allegiance
Assignment: Liberty Journal
6- With Liberty and Justice for All – part 2
Assignment: Video Responses
Assignment: W. Virginia versus Barnette
Assignment: Evolution of the Pledge of Allegiance

9- Congress
1- All about Congress
2- Power of Congress
3- Workings of Congress
4- Senate Courtesy
Assignment: Congressional Committes
Essay: Senate Oversight Function
5- Congress Webquest
Assignment: Congress WebQuest
Worksheet: Congress
Quiz: Midterm Quiz

10- National vs. State Government
1- National vs. State Government
2- Exclusive Powers
3- Powers Denied
Quiz: National vs State Govt
Assignment: State & Local Governments
4- Midtest
Assignment: Midtest
Assignment: Referendum, Recall, and Initiative

11- The Presidency
1- Roots of Presidency
2- Presidential Greatness
3- Schlesinger Poll
4- Role of the President
Assignment: The Executive Branch
5- Commander in Chief
6- Chief Executive
Quiz: The Presidency

12- The Bureaucracy
1- Modern Bureaucracy
2- What is Bureaucracy
Worksheet: Bureaucracy Worksheet
Quiz: The Bureaucracy

13- The Judiciary
1- American Legal System
2- Judiciary Power
3- Types of Cases
4- Judiciary-Supreme Court Cases
5- Probable Cause
6- Death Penalty
7- Precedent
Handout: The Supreme Court
Assignment: The Supreme Court: Precedent
Worksheet: The Judicial Branch
Quiz: The Judiciary

14- Public Opinion
1- What is Public Opinion?
2- Public Opinion Polls
Essay: Polls and Public Opinion
3- Political Attitudes
4- Propaganda Techniques
Quiz: Public Opinion

15- Political Parties
1- Roles of American Parties
Handout: Political Spectrum Chart
Handout: Political Spectrum Survey
Essay: Political Parties
2- Republican or Democrat
3- Democrat vs. Republican
Worksheet: Political Parties Worksheet
4- Voting Increases
Assignment: Comparing Parties
Quiz: Political Parties

16- Elections & Campaigns
1- Voting and Elections
2- Election Process
3- President & Vice President
4- General Election
5- Electoral College
Assignment: The Electoral College
6- Election of Senators
7- Election of Representatives
8- Voter Registration
Worksheet: Election Process Worksheet
9- The Campaign Process
Quiz: Election Process/Campaign Process

17- Citizenship
1- Citizenship
2- Becoming a Citizen
3- The Application
4- Naturalization Examination
Essay: The Citizenship Test
5- Court Hearing
6- The Oath of Allegiance
7- Rights of Citizen
8- Duties & Responsibilities
Worksheet: Citizenship Assignment
Quiz: Citizenship

18- Continuity & Change
1- Continuity & Change
2- Divided We Stand
Assignment: Divided We Stand
3- Final Project
Assignment: Outline/Rough draft
Essay: Final Assignment

19- Final Exam
1- Post-test
Assignment: Post-test
Quiz: Final Exam

20- Course Survey
Handout: Course Evaluation
Assignment: Course Survey