1.0 Credit

This course begins with a review of Algebra I topics and introduces the following new topics: matrices, complex numbers, exponential and logarithmic functions, conic sections, higher degree polynomial functions, sequences and series, and trigonometry. This course is required for students who are planning to attend most post-secondary institutions.

Algebra II is a continuation of the algebraic processes begun in Algebra I. This course includes solving equations, inequalities, matrices, graphing, functions, powers, roots, logarithms, complex numbers, polynomials, quadratic relations, sequences, series, probability and statistics. Appropriate technology is integrated into the curriculum.

Students will work with both scientific and graphing calculators throughout this Algebra 2 course. It is strongly recommended that you have at least a scientific calculator to use when completing your work. If you don’t have access to a scientific and/or graphing calculator, many are available for free online.

The Algebra II course will cover a range of algebraic topics. The over-arching topics include Operations on Numbers and Expressions, Equations and Inequalities, Polynomial and Rational Functions, Exponential Functions and Function Operations and Inverses.

By the end of the course you should be able to:
1. Demonstrate an understanding of operations with numbers
2. Manipulate algebraic expressions involving real and complex numbers
3. Solve linear and nonlinear equations and inequalities
4. Solve systems of linear equations and inequalities.
5. Solve, translate and model linear equations
6. Solve, translate and model quadratic equations
7. Solve, translate and model exponential equations
8. Solve, translate and model rational equations
9. Solve, translate and model radical equations
10. Solve, translate and model higher-order polynomial equations and inequalities
11. Solve problems presented in context
12. Represent, characterize and solve problems that involve quadratic functions
13. Represent, characterize and solve problems that involve higher-order polynomial
14. Represent, characterize and solve problems that involve simple rational functions
15. Represent, characterize and solve problems involving exponential functions and logarithmic functions.
16. Demonstrate an understanding of combinations and inverses of functions.

Algebra II

1- Introduction
1- Introduction
2- Completing Math Assessments
3- Algebra II On The Web
4- Understanding Plagiarism
5- Pretest
Assignment: Pretest
6- MLA Formatting Word 2007
7- MLA Documentation updates
8- MLA Citation
9- MLA Incorporating Sources

2- Integer Exponents
1- Definition of Exponents
2- Zero and One
3- Negative Exponents
4- Grouping
5- Multiplying Like Bases
6- Dividing Like Bases
7- Exponents Raised to a Power
8- Simplifying Expressions
9- Simplifying Expressions, Continued
Handout: Integer Exponents Worksheet
Assignment: Integer Exponents

3- Scientific Notation
1- Scientific Notation
2- Scientific Notation, Continued
Quiz: Writing Scientific Notation
3- Multiplying with Scientific Notation
4- Dividing with Scientific Notation
Handout: Operations with Scientific Notation Worksheet
Assignment: Operations with Scientific Notation

4- Radicals
1- Definition of Square Root
2- Definition of Nth Root
3- Simplifying Radical Expressions
Handout: Simplifying Radical Expressions Worksheet
Assignment: Simplifying Radical Expressions
4- Adding & Subtracting Radical Expressions
5- Multiplying Radical Expressions
6- Dividing Radical Expressions
Handout: Operations With Radical Expressions Worksheet
Assignment: Operations With Radicals Expressions

5- Rational Exponents
1- Rational Exponents
2- Simplifying Rational Exponents
3- Operations with Rational Exponents
Handout: Rational Exponents Worksheet
Assignment: Rational Exponents

6- Polynomials
1- Defining Terms
2- Standard Form
3- Types of Polynomials
4- Combining Like Terms
5- Multiplying Polynomials
6- Monomial
7- Binomial Squared
8- Product of Sum and Difference
9- Polynomial
10- Binomial Cubed
Handout: Basic Polynomial Operations Worksheet
Assignment: Basic Polynomial Operations

7- Factoring Polynomials
1- Factoring Polynomials
2- Identify the GCF
3- Factoring a Polynomial
4- Example
5- Factoring Trinomials
6- Example 5
7- Example 6
8- Factoring Trinomials of the Form
9- Example 7
10- Example 8
11- Prime Polynomials
12- Factoring a Perfect Square
13- Factoring a Difference of Two Squares
14- Factoring Sum of Two Cubes
15- Factoring Difference of Two Cubes
16- Factoring Strategy
17- Example 16-17
18- Example 18-19
19- Example 20
Handout: Factoring Polynomials Worksheet
Assignment: Factoring Polynomials

8- Simplifying Rational Expressions
1- Rational Expressions
2- Principle Rational Expressions
3- Excluded Value
4- Example 3
Handout: Simplifying Rational Expressions Worksheet
Assignment: Simplifying Rational Expressions

9- Multiplying and Dividing Rational Expressions
1- Multiply/Divide Rational Expressions
2- Example 1
3- Example 2
4- Dividing Rational Expressions
5- Example 4
Handout: Multiplying & Dividing Rational Expressions Worksheet
Assignment: Multiplying & Dividing Rational Expressions

10- Adding and Subtracting Rational Expressions
1- Adding or Subtracting Rational Expressions
2- Example 1
3- Example 2
4- Least Common Denominator
5- Example 3
6- Example 4
Handout: Adding & Subtracting Rational Expressions Worksheet
Assignment: Adding & Subtractracting Rational Expressions

11- Complex Rational Expressions
1- Complex Fraction
2- Example 1
3- Example 2
4- Method II
5- Example 4
Handout: Complex Rational Expressions Worksheet
Assignment: Complex Rational Expressions

12- Complex Numbers
1- Complex Number
Handout: Complex Adding and Subtracting
Assignment: Complex Adding and Subtracting
2- Multiplying Complex Numbers
3- Example 3
4- Dividing Complex Numbers
5- Example 5
6- Example 6
Handout: Complex Multiply and Divide
Assignment: Complex Multiply and Divide
7- Principle Square Root
8- Example 9
9- Example 10 – 11

13- Test Chapter 2-12
1- Test on Chapters 2-12
Handout: Test #1
Assignment: Test #1

14- Linear Equation in One Variable
1- Equations
2- Properties of Equality
3- Multiplication and Division
4- Solving a Linear Equation
5- Examples 5-6
6- Identity
7- Conditional Equation
Handout: Solving Linear Equations
Assignment: Solving Linear Equations

15- Equations with Rational Expressions
1- Solving Rational Equations
2- Example 1
3- Examples 2-3 Removing the fractions
Handout: Rational Equations
Assignment: Rational Equations

16- Formulas and Applications
1- Translating English Phrases to Algebraic Expressions
2- Formulas & Applications Examples 1-2
3- Formulas and Applications Examples 3-4
Worksheet: Translating Verbal & Algebraic Expressions
4- Four Steps to Problem Solving
5- Numeric Word Problems
6- Understanding the problem
7- Consecutive Integers
8- Integers Example 8-9
9- Rectangle Problem
10- Percent Problems
11- Solving Formulas for Specific Variables
Handout: Word Problems
Assignment: Word Problems
Worksheet: Solving Formulas for Variables

17- Quadratic Equations
1- Quadrartic Characteristics
2- Quadratic Equation
3- Solving Quadric Equations by Factoring
4- Quadratic example 1-2
5- Quadratic Formula Example 3
6- Square Root Method
7- Square Root Method example 5 & 6
8- Quadratic Equations by Completing the Square
9- Example 7 Quadric Equation
10- Quadratic Equation Example 8
11- Solving by Quadratic Formula
12- Example 10 Solving Quadratic Equations by Quadratic Formula
13- Discriminant
14- Finding the Discriminant
15- Find the Discriminant (cont)
Handout: Solving Quadratics
Assignment: Solving Quadratics

18- Solving Polynomial Equations by Factoring
1- Factoring Polynomial Equations
2- Polynomial Equations solved by Factoring Examples
3- Polynomial Equations solved by Factoring Examples(cont)
Handout: Solve Polynomial Equations by Factoring
Assignment: Solve Polynomial Equations by Factoring

19- Radical Equations Involving Rational Exponents
1- Solving Radical Equations
2- Radical Equation Examples
3- Radical Equations (examples) cont
4- Equations that have Rational an Exponent
5- Equations with Rational Exponents (cont)
Handout: Radical Equations
Handout: Equations with Rational Exponents
Assignment: Radical Equations
Assignment: Equations with Rational Exponents

20- Equations that are Quadratic in Form
1- Solving Equations in Quadratic Form
2- Quadratic Equation Example
3- Quadratic Equation Examples(cont)
4- Quadratic Equations Example 3
Handout: Equations that are Quadratic in Form
Assignment: Equations that are Quadratic in Form

21- Absolute Value Equations
1- Absolute Value
2- Solving an Absolute Value Equation
3- Absolute Value Equations (cont)
4- Absolute Value Equation Example
Handout: Solving Absolute Value Equations
Assignment: Solving Absolute Value Equations

22- Linear Inequalities
1- Inequality Signs
2- Interval Notation
3- Open/Closed Interval
4- Combining Open/Closed Intervals
5- Add/Sub Property for Inequalities
6- Multiplication/Division Properties for Inequalities
7- Strategy for Solving a Linear Inequality
8- Strategy for Solving a Linear Inequality(cont)
9- Solving a Compound Inequality
10- Solving an Absolute Value Inequality
11- Solving in Interval Notation
12- Solve in Interval Notation (cont)
Handout: Linear Inequalities
Assignment: Linear Inequalities

23- Quadratic/Rational Inequalities
1- Quadratic Inequalities
2- Quadratic inequalities in Standard form(example)
3- Quadratic Inequalities(example 2)
4- Test Point Method
5- Test Point Method Example
6- Test Point method example(cont)
Handout: Quadratic Inequalities
Assignment: Quadratic Inequalities

24- Mid-Term
1- Test on Chapters 14-23
Handout: Test #2
Assignment: Test #2
2- Midtest
Assignment: Midtest

25- Slope of a Line
1- Slope Formula
2- Slope of a Line
Worksheet: Slope

26- Equations of Lines
1- X and Y Intercepts
2- Point/Slope Form of an Equation
3- Slope/Intercept Equation of a Line
4- Slope/Intercept examples
Handout: Equations of Lines
Assignment: Equations of Lines

27- Graphing Lines
1- Slope
2- Slope/Intercept Equation of a Line
3- Graphing A Line Using the y-intercept and Slope
4- Slope and Y-intercept examples
5- Slope intercept examples
6- Vertical/Horizontal Lines
Handout: Graphing Lines
Assignment: Graphing Lines

28- Parallel and Perpendicular Lines
1- Parallel Lines and Their Slopes
2- Perpendicular Lines/Their Slopes
3- Point/Slope Form of an Equation
Handout: Parallel and Perpendicular
Assignment: Parallel and Perpendicular

29- Circles
1- Equation of a Circle
2- Equation of Circles (examples)
3- General Form of an Equation of a Circle
4- General Form of Equation(examples)
5- General Form of Equations Examples(Cont)
Handout: Circles
Assignment: Circles

30- Introduction to Functions
1- Functions
2- Functions (examples)
3- Function Notation
4- Constant Function
5- Compound Function
6- Find the Domain
Handout: Intro to Functions
Assignment: Intro to Functions

31- Operations with Functions
1- Operations with Functions
2- Composite Function
3- Composite Functions (cont)
Handout: Composition of Functions
Assignment: Composition of Functions

32- Graphs of Functions, Part I
1- Transformations & Variation
2- Graphs of Functions
3- Graphs of Functions (examples)
4- Graphing Examples
5- Graphing Examples(cont)
Handout: Graphs of Functions, Part 1
Assignment: Graphs of Functions, Part 1

33- Graphs of Functions, Part II
1- Graphing Functions Part 2
2- Graphs of Functions (examples)
3- Vertical Line Test
4- Increasing
5- Decreasing
6- Constant
7- Restricted Intervals
8- Even Function
9- Odd Function
10- Greatest Integer Function
11- Graphing Polynomials
Handout: Graph Behavior
Assignment: Graph Behavior

34- Test Chapters 25-33
1- Test on Chapters 25 – 33
Handout: Test #3
Assignment: Test #3

35- Polynomial Division
1- Descartes Rule of Signs and Rational Roots
2- Dividing Polynomials
3- Remainder Theorem
Handout: Long and Synthetic Division
Handout: Division and Roots
Assignment: Long and Synthetic Division
Assignment: Division and Roots

36- Exponential and Logarithmic Function
1- Exponential & Log Characteristics
2- Solving Basic Exponential
3- Solving with Logs
Handout: Exponential & Logs
Assignment: Exponential & Logs

37- Solving Systems of Equations
1- Solve Systems of Equations: Graphically
Handout: Solve Systems of Equations Graphically
Assignment: Solve Systems of Equations Graphically
2- Solve Systems of Equations: Algebraically
Handout: Solve Systems of Equations Algebraically
Assignment: The Break-Even Point
Assignment: Solve Systems of Equations Algebraically
3- Solve Systems of Inequalities: Graphically
Handout: Solve Systems of Inequalities Graphically
Assignment: Solve Systems of Inequalities Graphically
4- Solve Systems of Equations in Three Variables
Assignment: Solve Systems of Equations in Three Variables

38- Sequences and Series
1- Sequences
2- Arithmetic Sequence
3- Arithmetic Series
4- Sigma Notation
5- Geometric Sequence
6- Geometric Series
Handout: Sequence & Series
Assignment: Sequence & Series

39- Final Exam
1- Test on Chapters 35-38
Handout: Test #4
Assignment: Test #4
2- Post-test
Assignment: Post-test

40- Course Evaluation
Handout: Course Evalulation