Academic Counselors are available to assist. Our programs systematically and comprehensively address developmental stages which students experience as they mature and progress through school.
Guidance Counselors are available to talk with parents/students regarding personal, social, emotional, and academic concerns.
Services provided by the Academic Advisors include:
  1. Tracking academic progress for all students
  2. Talking with parents, teachers, and students regarding academic progress
  3. Providing students with registration materials and helping them determine what will be the appropriate course selections for them
  4. Providing students with information for post secondary options, programs, etc.
  5. Scheduling students for all courses
  6. Provide information regarding college entrance exams SAT,ACT etc. Please use school code 102800.


Academic advisors offer information for a number of national, state and local scholarships and college programs.
For seniors who are applying for financial aid for college, please refer to FAFSA.

Grade information and transcripts are kept in our office. Universities/Colleges will ask to have an official transcript sent along with your application. You may also be asked to send ACT/SAT, etc., test results. This information is available in the Academic Advisor’s Office.