This course follows the Common Core State Standards for 3rd grade English. For reading skills, the student will be able to tell the difference between literal and nonliteral language. Students will be able to talk about the chapters, scenes, and stanzas of written work and how these pieces fit together to produce a whole story. A student’s writing skills will be developed by teaching them to use linking words and phrases, words and phrases that show event order, and be able to conduct short research projects to build knowledge. Students will be able to follow social rules for discussions, such as staying on topic, being respectful of other’s turn to talk and point of view, and linking their comments to others. While reading informational texts, students will be able to describe the main idea, determine the meaning of academic words and phrases, and use maps and photographs to understand the text. The students will then learn about rules and laws, why we need them in our world, and the leaders who make these laws. The students will learn what it means to be a citizen and what symbols we use to represent America. Finally, they will learn about how people solve problems and celebrate holidays together.