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Forest Trail Academy Accreditations/
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Student Testimonials
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" Forest Trail Academy has been a blessing to me. I compete in the sport of rodeo across many states, and it takes time and dedication...."
Audrey Barnett

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k12 Online Highschool Accreditations
K12 Accreditations

Physical Education Course Curriculum

» Business
» Computers & Technology
» Physical Education
» Foreign Language
» Mathematics
» Personal Development
» Fine Arts
» Social Studies
» Health & Fitness
» English
» Science
» Test Prep
The purpose of this course is to (a) acquire knowledge of physical fitness concepts (b) understand the influence of lifestyle on health and fitness, and (c) begin to develop an optimal level of fitness. The content includes, but not limited to, the following: -safety practices -technology applications -assessment of health-related fitness -components of physical fitness -health problems associated with inadequate fitness levels -psychological values of physical fitness, including stress management -evaluation of physical activities in terms of fitness value -fitness program design nutrition -benefits derived from participation in physical activity.

This course is designed to meet needs of students who demonstrate poor reading and/or study skills, cultural disadvantages, limited experience backgrounds and/or other learning problems which make it difficult for them to comprehend the subject areas covered in the regular health classes at the rate, and in the manner, in which they are usually covered by average students. Students will be placed in this class by teacher recommendation (Chapter 1 reading teacher, Special Education teacher, and Reading Teacher) based upon reading scores and previous academic history. To facilitate instructional methods and activities, the class should be limited to a maximum of 15 students.


Health Education is designed to give students an awareness of the importance of one's health in improving the quality of life. Course content includes choosing and financing health services; communicable diseases; chronic disorders; abuse of drugs, alcohol, and tobacco; and other topics related to developing health-educated individuals.
This course consists of 18 weeks of class work designed to teach the rules of the road and safe driving techniques. Driver simulators - an educational program for the development of proper perceptual and judgmental proficiencies - are used. Upon completion of the bookwork, a student will be eligible to take the "behind-the-wheel" training.
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Health Links

About Faces
This site gives great information about different parts of your face - from your eyes to your oral cavity
was created by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to answer kids' questions on health issues and recommend ways to make their bodies and minds healthier, stronger, and safer.
Drug Enforcement Administration
Explains about the types of drugs and the effects they can have on your body. The is site also provides quizzes and activities.
FDA Kids' Page
Learn about animal care, food safety, vaccines and much more about the Food and Drug Administration.
Smoke-Free Kids & Don't Smoke
The web site encourages adolescent girls (and boys!) to participate in soccer as a way to maintain physical fitness and resist pressures to smoke.
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