This course follows Florida’s Next Generation Sunshine State Standards for 5th grade science. The students will receive a broad overview of many different types of science in order to better understand the world around them. They will begin by reviewing the scientific method and the steps to designing a good experiment. The students will learn about galaxies and will review information about our solar system and the planets within it. They will learn about the water cycle and the causes of the weather we see around us. The students will learn that environmental changes can cause evolution in both plants and animals. They will review the major systems in the human body and then will learn about similarities between those system and the parts of a plant. The students will learn about how the atomic theory has developed over time and will review the states of matter and the changes that matter can undergo. The law of conservation of energy will be learned, along with the types of energy transformations that commonly occur. The students will review electricity and will learn about its properties and uses in our lives. Finally, the students will review forces and Newton’s laws of motion.